Safe and Socially Responsible

Allergen Free: NO Peanuts or other Tree Nuts!
Ethical: We use only Fairtrade Cocoa in our spreads. Cocoa farmers are some of the most at risk food producers in the world.
Healthy: No MSG. Real Cocoa. Source of Fibre.
Environmentally Sound: BPA Free, and recyclable packaging.

Giving Back

At Luisella we truly believe we are all in this together. Our promise to you is to continue to make wholesome, safe and delicious foods you love. Our promise to the planet is to do no harm and our promise to our community is to use our powers for good! By supporting us, you will be supporting our quest to help make sure all families can feel safe and well fed through initiatives such as the safe school programs, allergen awareness, school lunches and other initiatives.

Download our Nut-Free Sticker!

Print out this sticker for your child to take to school with their Luisella. It will let anyone know their spread is completely nut-free! We recommend sticking it onto their lunch box or Tupperware containers.

This will print perfectly on a sheet of 20 circular 2″ x 2″ stickers. Or you can just print them onto a large sticker sheet and print them as you would like!

Click Here to Print Nut Free Sticker