Our Story

Founded in 2017, creator and delicious-maker, Patricia set out to find a chocolate spread her family could enjoy anywhere. She was keen to find wholesome products with quality ingredients that would bring enjoyment to families. When she couldn’t find one…she made it.

She then named it after her mother, who would say you need to “eat good to be good” and her love for feeding people good quality food.

“We use sunflower seeds as our main ingredient, it provides a rich and delicious mouthfeel and a consistent, premium quality to our spreads, says Patricia

The spreads are all natural, non-gmo certified, gluten-free and100% nut-free.



Download our Nut-Free Sticker!

Print out this sticker for your child to take to school with their Luisella. It will let anyone know their spread is completely nut-free! We recommend sticking it onto their lunch box or Tupperware containers.

This will print perfectly on a sheet of 20 circular 2″ x 2″ stickers. Or you can just print them onto a large sticker sheet and print them as you would like!

Click Here to Print Nut Free Sticker